IMO when driving a vehicle, it is important to have as much information as possible. That of course left me disappointed with the car’s factory gauge cluster:

I decided I like the layout of the Spirit RT cluster and it gave me far more vitals than my original cluster:

Problem arose as 1989-1991 wiring is different than 1992 wiring, which is different yet than my car’s 1993-1995 wiring. The general consensus was the Spririt RT cluster would not work because the 1991 wiring is not compatible with the 1994 wiring. This was disappointing news.............

Then I got to thinking..........My original cluster worked fine when I had the 1992 wiring harness (not compatible) in the car, so what is making people think the 1991 cluster won’t work?


I said to hell with it and ordered one. Installed it last night and: