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I now know when, where, and how I will die.

That’s from right now. It’s the current temp at Thunderhill track. I’ll be on that track in the middle of July where you can tack ten more degrees on.... In long sleeves.... In a helmet... In gloves.... With the top down with no shade and the heat on blast — trying to keep the Corvette from overheating.

However, it won’t be the heat that kills me. Not directly. What will kill me is a turn named The Cyclone. You see, I’ll be relearning the track and learning the car and blinded by sweat in my eyes and trying to stay focused despite the heat. I’ll be fine on Saturday.

Sunday is the day I will go off the track.

After nearly dying on Saturday from the heat I’ll be back on Sunday still heat drunk and dizzy from the day before, and that’s when they cone off The Cyclone and run the bypass. So when I get to that turn I’m going to have to think, and think clearly, and choose wisely.

I struggle with such things at the best of times. This is gonna be a shit show.

UPDATE: I was calling it the corkscrew as I’m used to Laguna Seca. Turbocharged Squirrel hit me with the cluebat.


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