Well Oppo, this is my last unscheduled post before I leave for vacation. I still have a few scheduled ///Midnight posts for you to enjoy. I'll try to check-in but I don't know how much internet time I will have (not that it is a bad thing I could use a break from a computer). So I will leave you with my find of the day. Jezza's personal car review column.

Here is an excerpt from his RS6 review:

The Sunday-evening crawl back into London is enough to make most sentient beings wonder if they should pull onto the hard shoulder and shoot themselves in the head. The weekend is over. There is nothing but drudgery ahead. The kids are tired and crotchety. And the traffic is dreadful.

It was always thus. But now, on the M1, the government has found a way to make everything much, much worse. Because every few hundred yards there is an overhead gantry that informs motorists the speed limit has been lowered to, say, 50mph. And that speed cameras are on hand to catch those who think that’s stupid. This means that everyone drops down to the new limit. And there’s a word for this: communism....

So enjoy, and keep Oppo awesome...until I see you all again. :)