I Once Owned a Z31 300ZX

In 2012 I bought a Z31. This is my story.

After I crashed my Z32, I needed something to get me around. In true Oppo spirit I wouldn’t have just any old econobox, and started looking at Z32s again. I couldn’t find a good one (thanks, Fast and the Furious), and though I never set out for a Z31 this one landed in my lap. The 80s glamour stole my heart.

This was the first time I took the roof off

It was a very early (‘84) non-turbo 2+2 targa, Australian delivered. No digital dash, but it did have the Z spirit. Little touches like the horizontal tail-lights and 3 tunnel gauges central to the dash (a motif that died with the Z31) kept it in line with its history, though they’d traded a curvy shape from the older cars for an angular one. It was in fine condition for its age and everything worked including air-con, cruise control, powered mirrors/windows...features missing on my girlfriend-at-the-time’s 2001 Mirage - 27 years its junior. Such is the nature of old luxury cars.

On a jaunt through the country

It was so similar yet so different to the Z32. It didn’t have the same kick or the same noise, but it hustled along well and made a different noise that was no less pleasing. Something about the way it sounded as it dropped revs when you’d taken it north of 4000RPM then clutched in for a shift stays with me even now.


I only owned it for less than a year. I never loved it like I should have. I was grumpy over the death of my Z32, I probably drove this car harder to fill the void. But I also started taking the roof off more for the same reason, I joined my first Z cruise with this car and I begun working on cars at home - it opened up new doors for me.


And of course, now I miss it.

A few more pics to follow...

Very 80s. That brown carpet was *thick* and lush
Just after I picked it up

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