I own a blasphemous Miata

I will lead with the sacrilege, then talk about the rest of it.

I own an automatic Miata - embrace that this happened, let it simmer, and come back to bask in the beauty of the rest of it.


I traded in my 2013 Abarth for a 2017 MX5 RF grand touring automatic with 6,800ish miles in ceramic white or whatever this color is and a few years of warranty left. The Abarth still put a smile on my face every single day and I truly think this will too! I cannot wait to take it out on some twisties and to get some better photos of it. I have owned many manual cars and I know this should be one too, however I am happy getting in to an automatic. A nice plus is my wife can drive this. She is budding in to a car enthusiast, but hasn’t fully committed - if this helps, I’m all for it! (She gets how to drive a manual and did good in my old focus, but hasn’t done it daily)

It looks damn good and feels so right on the road. It gives great feedback and seems to just ask for more! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced something so rev happy.

Peep the douche initials plate - I’m one of those people

I know the appearance pack, outside of the brembos and wheels, gets a piano black top. I think that would look really nice and wouldn’t be hard to recreate. The aftermarket is quite plentiful so I’m imagining lots of little odds and ends I might want.


This part may stir you up again - I like the flappy paddles. They respond well and fit the feel of the car. I’ve got to say I am extremely happy with the purchase and cannot wait for more of the Miata life!!

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