...and an envelope of cash.

Forgive the FPish headline, but I couldn’t help myself. On Friday I sold the corvette, which together with the sale of ye old escalade to my parents a few weeks ago means that I am now out of 90's GM vehicles. Between the 93 Vette, the 99 Escalade and the 96 Suburban before it, I feel like I’ve done my time with 90's GM.

The sale for the vette came together on Friday, and it was somewhat unexpectedly executed that day. I had a number of calls and one offer to trade for an 85 Toyota 4x4 pickup with 114k original miles. While interesting (and probably worth more than the vette given the insanity around old toyota trucks these days), I have no use for a little old truck and Texas makes the prospect of flipping it less appealing. In the end, the corvette went to the first, and probably best, caller. He asked good questions and mentioned he had owned an 85 vette in the past. This bit encouraged me because it would mean he knew what he was going to be looking at when we met.

I took off work a bit early on Friday afternoon and met him at a Lowes about halfway between my side of town and his in El Paso. He looked over the car, and then we took it for a drive. I knew it would probably go well when he said “this is a good car” before even making it out of the parking lot. He had been looking for later C4 vette for awhile and said mine was the only one he had ever seen in which truly everything worked on the car. We went around the block and discussed price. We came to an agreement, and then asked if I had the title in the folders of paperwork I brought on the car. Since I happened to have the title, a bill of sale and an application for Texas title, and because a nearby BofA branch was still open for about another half our, I agreed to sell the car to him that afternoon and he agreed to give me a ride back home.

We went to his bank and he withdrew and envelope’s worth of cash. I then followed him to his house in the old money section of El Paso and we did the paperwork. You better believe that I left some long set of black stripes leaving a couple of stop signs on the way there. Once the paperwork was done, he gave me the ride home and I retrieved the extra set of keys and a couple of items for the vette that were not in the car when I met him. I did not anticipate actually selling the car that afternoon. Like buying my truck, the transaction went almost unexpectedly quick and easy. This could be sign that I’ve bought and sold too many cars.


I think the guy was the right person to sell the car to, as I think he’ll get a kick out it. He is the owner of an HVAC company in El Paso and a pretty serious gear head from what I saw of his garage. The story he told me was that he used to have an 85 vette as a weekend toy to live out having his high school aged self’s dream car. Apparently at one point in their rather acrimonious divorce, his now ex-wife (whom I presume he has restraining orders against) intentionally rammed her in Range Rover in his 85 vette and totaled it. I didn’t ask about the Range Rover. He said now that he was a few years clear of the divorce, he wanted to get another C4, and that this time around he wanted to go for the best of breed by getting a later LT1/LT4 car with the six-speed gearbox.

With the purchase of the new truck, the sale of the Escalade to my parents, the sale of their old Dakota and now the sale of the Corvette, the great car exhange of 2017 is well on its way to completion. Now I just have to sell the rusty-ass old trailer (and I’ve got a pending sale to a friend that is supposed to go down this evening) and then buy a new trailer. I’ll probably get back to the racecar for a bit and hold off on buying a new trailer until later this summer.

To make the corvette sale officially official (at least on my part), I sent of the notice of vehicle sold form to the state. While I’ve enjoyed and/or gotten a tremendous amount of use for relatively little money out of my 90's GM vehicles, I doubt I will own another one. As for Corvettes, I would say there is a high likely hood of owning another one somewhere down the road. I could fancy myself a C6 to drive to work after I pay off the new truck.