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I passed mah certification test

New job (well... ok... I’ve been there for 5 months) required me to get a certification. It was a “one week” course that I’ve drug out for 2 months followed by a 3 hour “in person” exam. Thanks to COVID, the course was online and the test was proctored remotely using EXCEPTIONALLY creepy software.

But I passed surprisingly handily. Minimum passing score was a 70% and I got a 92% so... wow. I would have thought it was going to be a lot closer. I got a 75% and an 85% on the practice exams, but felt like I was doing a lot worse on the real exam.


Here are our cars from our last socially distant offroading “excursion” (where excursion means offroad to a place and have a beer soda)

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Speaking of beer soda, I think I’ve earned one...

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