But if you’re set on boycotting Gawker, it’s best to keep in touch... at least until you miss this place too much and decide to come home. /r/oppositelock is an easy way to do just that! More juicy deets inside:

I’m a mod there, along with Ontop, who apparently hasn’t used reddit in 2 months. Here’s a link to a thread with some info about the moderator situation.

Anyway, the same rules that exist here (as laid out in Sir Gamecat’s handy guide) are loosely in place there. Basically, just don’t be a dick.

I don’t expect a huge influx of people to /r/oppositelock, and once again, I think it’s best for people to stay here and wait out the storm. But anyone is welcome there, and I think it’s a great platform to hold the community together during a time of crisis.