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I Know the Last Suspect In The Boston Marathon Bombing

Jesus Christ, I simply do not believe what is going on. Last night I posted that something was going down near Boston, specifically in my neighborhood. I stayed up for an hour or two longer listening to the radio and looking out my window. I went to sleep knowing that one suspect was "down" and the other was being chased. This morning I woke up to find that the 19 year old "suspect", no, kid who is running from the police right now in my very neighborhood, was a friend of mine. He went to my high school. I played sports with him after school, even drove around in his car with him once.

This is a prom picture of my group of friends from when we were in high school Jahar, (Dzhokar) is in the red vest and bow tie, at center, I'm behind wearing the pink tie.


This is utterly insane, police helicopters everywhere. You think you know someone, he was such a nice kid, I still can't believe that he planted those bombs and shot an MIT police officer to death. This is not the Jahar I know.

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