I just wanted to see if they had a face lift Clio RS in yet to have a look at, and they did, a pearl white Trophy with the optional Akrapovic exhaust on it too. The salesman was keen to take it out as it hadn’t left the forecourt since they got it 4 days ago (12 miles on the clock!). I protested, I really did (honestly!) but we took her for a spin and I fell head over heals, it ticks every box I have for my next car, sporty, comfy, firm but well damped suspension, docile and easy to drive in town (love the twin clutch gearbox) but press the RS button and boot it and it transforms in to a proper hot hatch, takes off like scalded cat and that titanium Akrapovic lets itself be known.

I’m having on now, no questions asked, in fact I could very well have this very one as they will be changing it in March which is when I’m looking to get one (they have my number and have put me down in their Outlook for March the 1st!) and he said I gets first dibs on it, is it March yet???