I present to you, the one-of-one Fiat 500L Hello Kitty Edition

My wife and I went to Baltimore yesterday to do something different, but since we didn’t want to go to the aquarium, and it was cold, we ended up getting brunch at this vegan joint sorta/kinda between DC and Baltimore, walking around the Inner Harbor, and drinking in a bar in Fells Point. Oh, and this car was there.

As we were walking from the overpriced parking garage to the waterfront, my wife pointed out the Hello Kitty 500L. Then when I started taking pictures of it she was like, “ugh, come on, I’m going to keep walking, you and your stupid car blog.” Well then, maybe you shouldn’t have pointed it out to me!


Here are all of the Hello Kitty accoutrements I was able to spot upon review of the photographic evidence:

Vinyl exterior wrap
FIATKTY vanity plates
Airbrushed “Amber Kitty” front plate below the actual front plate
Trunk badge
Rear tag frame
Fuzzy dice hanging from mirror
Two (2) badges on dash
Five (5) figurines stuck to dash including one (1) Hello Kitty hula girl
Sticker on clear plastic gauge cluster lens
Pink (but not specifically Hello Kitty) fuzzy steering wheel wrap
“KEEP CALM AND KITTY” sticker on driver’s A-pillar window
Hello Kitty in a cupcake rear windshield sticker

At least, I think I got everything. Can you spot any more Hello Kitty items? I feel like if you’re going to barf Hello Kitty stuff all over a vehicle, a Fiat 500L is actually kind of a good choice.


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