I’ve been really sick this week. A couple weeks ago I got a sore throat with painful swallowing and last weekend it got way worse with a lot of new symptoms including chest pain, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, with shallow breathing and painful deep breathing, muscle aches and soreness, headaches and increased fatigue and tiredness. I don’t have a fever or cough but am also high risk due to the asthma, high blood pressure, weight problems and possible mastocytosis and fatty liver disease.

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I called my doctor on Monday and they said I probably have it but that they won’t test at this point but told me to try to manage it at home and if the breathing got to the point that I couldn’t finish sentences or I got a fever that was 103 and wouldn’t go down to go to the ER.

Things were going better on Tuesday and Wednesday with easier breathing and less pain but yesterday and today the breathing has been more difficult and I’m in more pain again and I’ve barely left bed today. The breathing woke me up last night at 2AM.


That said I feel fortunate that it’s not put me in the hospital. I’m hoping that stays the same and I can continue to recover at home.

It’s been horrible for my anxiety but I’m managing and still meeting with my therapist through video conferences which is helping. I’m also trying to finish my semester and only have one assignment left. I took a final quiz and finished a paper on Wednesday and think that I might have overdone it that day putting me back in this state with the increased difficulty breathing.


I’m hoping I can get through this and not spread it to anyone else at my home. I only go to my room, the bathroom and the garage fridge for food. I’m lucky I stocked up beforehand on groceries because my dad and stepmom won’t help with anything and that my pharmacy delivers because I don’t think they would help with that either.

I’m hoping I’m going to get through This and that I won’t need to be hospitalized.

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