I’m so excited and I was terrified of jinxing it but money has changed hands now and it’s happening.

I saw the ad listed on Tuesday afternoon and called the seller two hours later. We spoke for a bit and offered him a $500 deposit to secure the car until I can fly down to Sydney to pick it up next week.

He accepted and told me the next day that 4 people called him that night — one of them had just inspected a convertible 330, found it to be problematic, and was ready to buy this one cash in hand at asking price.

The car is a facelift 6-speed manual 330Ci coupe. The colour is Mystic Blue metallic which is rare on non-M3 E46s, I’ve don’t think I’ve personally seen one this colour before. It’s been a garaged weekender for the past 9 years and has yet to tick over 115000km. It lives with its current owner in a very wealthy north shore suburb of Sydney and is still being serviced at a BMW dealership. It’s there right now for an inspection I.


I didn’t bother questioning him too far into the service history because, frankly, I don’t care and I couldn’t see anything being a dealbreaker at this stage. I do know it has recently had new rear shocks put in and a power steering pump replaced.

Suffice to say I was very lucky, with both the car and the seller.

The search for this car straddled a particularly shitty year. I started a Masters thesis after graduating, making the mistake of choosing my project by topic and not by supervisor. My primary supervisor also heads an admin position at the school, and was too busy to ever properly step in. He approved me to start on a project based on an erroneous study which was later refuted, and doomed me from the start.


I would often show up to our scheduled meetings only to be told by his secretary that he was away somewhere across the country for the week.

Responsibility shifted to my younger secondary supervisor who crumbled under the pressure and pulled out midway through the year. I was left for months in a state of false reassurance, with my mental health deteriorating and motivation gone. I watched friends overtake me and tried to carry the blame.


But that’s the past now; and I have the worst of those days to thank for strengthening my relationship with my parents a lot. They saw me breaking and managed to pull me out of my hole.

I’ve got a cool job lined up (fingers crossed!), I’ve started preparing for the postgrad exam I have to sit in September, and I’m looking forward to distancing myself from uni for a little while.


Anyway, you guys are lovely and I’ll start posting more often hopefully.

I’m upgrading by 808cc and one forward gear. Here is a poor photo of my 320 in front of a dam:


It has gone without my attention for a while and has become a bit lumpy recently. I changed the tie rods and control arm bushings last week but there’s work to do still. The ABS module is faulty and needs replacing and recoding. I’m sure there’s a vacuum leak and a weep I haven’t traced yet. A new fuel pump too.

More E46 action to come!