And I am already saddened.

I never though I would have such a relationship with an object. My mother always tells me to love people, not things. But, this just might be the exception for every car guy. You see, I am a foolish college student that used his saving to buy a 42 year old BMW instead of planning for tuition payments. (I am working it out and graduating in 3 years) I bought this car before even knowing how to drive it. Literally. My friend taught me how to drive a manual in the parking lot of my mechanic's shop. It lasted too long because the accelerator pump was in backwards and I was stalling all over. I was embarrassed to say the least.

Anyway, my first adventure with my car was driving home at 11pm on a very rainy summer night. I was scared and not fully confident, but I made it home. It was love at first sight...I mean drive?


This thing is, a car with faults is beautiful and has character. Such an old car with manual everything, yes even the choke, teaches you patience and respect. You get out of the car what you put into it. And it really rewards you. You know every little thing about the car and you either love it as a flaw or want to repair it. You are the car's caretaker for however long you own it. It's not necessarily yours; you are just responsible for it. Hell, I couldn't sleep one night because I knew my car was sitting in the pouring rain without its cover. I never even imagined such a connection with a car.


I'm ranting and I need to prepare for finals. But, Oppo, share your first car/car related romances and assure me I'm not odd or demented.