I put the steering wheel cover on

Looks alright. I used 550/paracord instead of the elastic stuff it comes with, because some old guy on the internet says it’s better because it doesn’t stretch out over time like the stuff they give you.

I really have no idea how I started it, but I ended it with a clove hitch and tied it off. I think I started it with basically a shitty version of that (beginning left, ending right)


I should’ve tied it so that I could tuck the end into the cover, but it’s not like I really car about looks on this car.

I tightened it three times, but it didn’t look as poofy as I wanted it too. Still doesn’t look bad though from a small distance.


I drove it around a little bit and I like it. It’s some kind of weird synthetic leather stuff. Not the most comfortable material in the world, but an improvement over what it was.

Also I found out why the SRS light is on. I tested the horn to see if it works and 1) It doesn’t 2) It doesn’t have an airbag. I guess tomorrow I’ll call somewhere that does inspections and see if I can pass with that.

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