No response yet, but will update when I hear back. I hope they can clear up what is happening here. It seems everyone is freaking out and abandoning ship, but from their statement, I don’t see how it will affect Oppositelock and other “off topic” kinda sites.

It seems that they are only going to delete our personal user blogs, which makes sense if they are trying to downsize and simplify what has grown significantly over the years. I never post to my own user blog and really don’t see why it would ever be necessary. I don’t author on here for any recognition or personal gain as I don’t believe that is ever what this should be about.

I don’t think it would be in G/O Media’s best interest to push all of us away. I know that I for one would never return to Jalopnic, Kotaku, Lifehacker, etc. if I wasn’t able to post on here as part of our community. G/O Media’s interest is making money and they would certainly loose money by alienating themselves from all of their non-staff bloggers. Really it would make more sense to oust their paid authors/staff.


If I’ve missed something and details have been confirmed, please set me straight.

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