A connection bridged itself, unexpectedly, in my head while staring at the ass-end of a brand new Accord in front of me at a stoplight, not too long ago. One of many new Accords further proliferating in the East Bay. A moment in life where, without even meaning to, something just CLICKS in your head and you have an AH-HA moment. No matter how banal.

The Accord, for the majority of it’s life in the US, has had the same-or-similar ass. Square or square-ish tail lamps on the sedan.

With a little bit of a “break-up” in the early-mid 90s

Stylized then in the late 90s, to culminate into this pinnacle of clean and simple, handsome design:

However, as part of “losing their way”in the 2000s, Honda went horribly, HORRIBLY wrong with even their benign bread-and-butter family car (also see: Ford Taurus)


^^ Not sure why they thought this ugly-ass rear end was attractive.


So they cleaned it up. But it wasn’t really that much more attractive.... It loosely hearkens back to the early-mid 90s, but primarily based on the fact that they were independent, more square-ish lamps.

So they added the reflector line to it. Which filled the dead space, but also added unattractive lines...


Luckily, they finally fixed it. I’m not in the market for an Accord sedan though I momentarily considered a V6 coupe. Not my style, and not the market segment I live in. But I must say, it looks more handsome NOW than it has since... the late 90s.

See a similarity in the lines?


Thus, I feel like the Accord sedan’s styling has effectively come full-circle in the past decade.