I really don't want to rag on the post office, but...

I tried to find out what happened to a little piece of plastic I ordered last month for the Mazda and all I get is a message stating that, as of the 12th, it is in transit. It’s going from MI to MO; I could have walked there and gotten it faster.

When I try to login to my USPS account, an account I haven’t used in years, it says that the account is disabled. OK, how do I re-enable it? No instructions to be found. I can’t change the password since the account is disabled. And I can’t create a new account with the same username since, well, the account is disabled. I tried entering a claim/report without logging in but nothing seemed to happen, then I discovered a pop-under window with the error. Under? Really? This is just stupid.


So I call USPS. 50 minute estimated wait time. I’ve had better response from the frigging IRS. And so now I sit and wait. At least the generic, elevator/hold music is slightly better than what I’m used to, although after I’ve heard each of the three songs about 172 times each I may no longer believe that.

Your tax (cut) dollars at work...

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