I really hate car rental companies

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Boy do they make it difficult for you if you are a local renter for some reason. The following is a dumbass list of whats required if you’re a local renter from a few rental companies. I had to go through this with them( and just ended up with a Turo rental) last weekend. One of the main things I hated was the fact that nearly all of them want a major credit card. and many of them seemed to penalize you if you used a debit card. Someone how to them that insures you will be a good renter if you have a credit card:


Sixt: This was my first stop at the suggestion of a few people on here because of their great prices. And great prices they do have, especially for luxury cars. But what they wanted if you are a local renter and if you use a debit card was laughable:

  • You’re only limited to economy and intermediate class. Pretty much you will be driving off in an Accent or Focus.
  • 2 utility bills dated within the past 3 months that match the address on the drivers license.
  • And for some reason that the rep couldn’t explain himself, those bill couldn’t show a past due balance or a balance at all. They have to show full payment. Why would that be required for something that is being used for address verification?

I passed on Sixt of course.

Hertz: Didnt require much bullshit, but just wanted a major credit card with a deposit equal to the price of the rental. Nope.


National: National was almost like Sixt in their bull:

  • 2 of either proof of income such as pay stub or a utility bill with no past due balance.
  • Drivers License of course

And a deposit that’s equal to the cost of the rental. Pass on them too.

Alamo: Wanted a credit card and a deposit of $200 plus the total cost of the rental.


Budget: Was the simplest but also had the most basic rental fleet out of everyone. No bills or proof of income needed her. All you needed were your license and you had 2 options: if you made a phone reservation, the deposit would be $100, over the counter it was $200. They were easy but I passed on them because I didnt want to pay $260 bucks for a Chevy Malibu.

Not to mention that what didnt make sense was the fact that most of the insurance coverage plans they have cost more then the total rentals themselves.


The deposits really got to me though, because form past experience and from reading online, the deposit are released back to you yes, but many times people don’t get them or they take almost 2 weeks to give you your money back. That’s the main reason why I’m against them. But screw rental car companies. They keep it up, companies like Turo will outdo them because of all the hurtles they make you jump through.

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