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I Really Hate That Man (Jeep Update)

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So, the Jurassic Jeep project seems to have come to a halt at the moment. I dropped the jeep off at the painters at the end of September including the custom light bar and Jabsco Search lights to be painted. The painter seemed confident he could get it done and was excited about it. Told me that it should take him no longer than 3 weeks to complete it (bodywork and paint). I was happy with that considering the price he was willing to do it at. Soo, 3 weeks went by and I hadn’t heard anything from him. So after several calls going to voicemail he finally called back apologizing for not returning my calls and would need an extra 2 weeks to finish due to a family emergency.


Not a big deal to me, so I said I understood and told him it was fine. I figured at the time id rather him take a little longer at his pace than to do a rush job.

Well, 3 weeks soon turned into 3 months. He got increasingly hard to get ahold of, and everytime he gave me a new excuse on why the Jeep wasn’t done yet. I told him if it wasn’t complete by thanksgiving I was just going to come pick it up no matter what. He agreed.


Was is done by Thanksgiving? NOPE.

I told him I would come this past sunday to come pick it up. he told me that was fine with him but said he would like me just to come see it before making my final decision to take it back. Then Sunday rolls around and he tells me he cant make it. This pissed me off, obviously. I finally reached the point of not giving anymore craps about his excuses (which offended him) and games. I told him I will be there tomorrow at 2, no excuses. So, we’ll see if I ever get my Jeep back.


Any Oppo advice for me?

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