Doug’s review of the M4 GTS made my day.

If there’s any car over $100k I want right now, it’s the BMW M4 GTS hands down. Having it in Forza Horizon 3 made me appreciate it over everything else in the game. It quickly became my favorite car, especially in Mineral Grey Metallic. From the orange accented Style 666 wheels to the OLED taillights to the raspy, metallic, E46 M3-esque exhaust note, it’s basically perfect.

Sure, it doesn’t have back seats. Sure, it has manual front seats. Sure, it has manual climate control.

But, in my eyes, it’s perfect.

I’m struggling to think of another good new car in this price range.

I want one.

Gib pls.


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The real question: does it come standard with a BUMPER TO BUMPER warranty?