This is the new addition to the stable:

It’s a 96 328i 5mt in pretty rough shape. Engine runs strong, but there’s rust everywhere.

Driver’s floor: non-existent, patched by a road sign screwed into the frame(?)

Floor everywhere else: on it’s way out, there’s a bit of give

Fenders: rusted

Doors (passenger front is not all that bad): rusted

Rocker panels: so rusted that I’m not even really sure what the side skirts are holding on to, or where to jack the car up from. I’m afraid I’ll just go through the floor.


It came with bald winter tires on the rear and ‘ehh’ winters on the front, I’m too broke to replace them so they’re on for now. Also came with a pretty nice sounding exhaust and some lowering springs.

The engine runs smoothly and seems to make pretty good power for its age and mileage; I got it at 225k. I don’t want to say it’s reliable just yet, but I’ve put 70-ish miles (which is nothing, I know) on it since I got it a few days ago and it’s been really good. It’s got vtec y0 (VANOS).

Brakes are shit, there’s a badly warped rotor and it probably needs new pads but we’ll see. It will stop, but I don’t really push my luck in that area. There’s also a noise that sounds kind of like a bad wheel bearing, but the car doesn’t really shimmy or vibrate a lot at speed and I can’t pinpoint the side that it’s coming from. To be honest it sounds like it’s coming from within the transmission, but I really hope it’s just a wheel bearing. I’ll probably make another post later asking questions about it. There are other little issues but it runs and drives.


My only real issue with the car is expensive parts and the ever present fear of catastrophic failure. For the price I got it at, I can’t really complain though.

Even still, it’s a fun car. Made me remember why I like E36’s so much. Here are a couple more pics: