Notably, the Mustang. It was prone to the ridiculously common “door handles don’t reset to sit flush” issue, so I took it to the dealer because I hate doing door handles. Their quote? $400. My reaction? Nope nope nope noep nnope. I went home and got on RockAuto and got a set of new door handles for around $25 for both. Then I got some touch up paint for around $30 for the set (primer, base coat, clear coat) and then I grabbed my tool box and set to work. This is what the finished product looked like on the driver’s side.

Here’s a comparison between a broken handle and a new handle.

You can see how the part with the spring has popped out of place. You can’t just pop it back into place because the plastic has been like that so long it’s stuck that way. Also notice the garbage peeling paint on the old handle.

Here’s the handles before and after paint matching.


And one in my totally not ghetto paint booth.


Can you tell which one I painted?


The painted ones are a little bit matte from the clear coat crinkling slightly but I might be able to buff that out later. Honestly unless you’re REALLY looking for it you can’t tell so I doubt I’ll worry about it. One thing about Ford, though. I love how they use Torx bits in appropriate situations, and also how the door panel was held on entirely with screws instead of plastic christmas tree clips (cough cough, GM). I grabbed some electrical tape and used it to wedge the rattling window switches in place, which worked a treat. Now my doors open easily, my handles look nicer, and I got rid of 90% of my interior rattles!