With an automotive and adventure theme! You’re all invited to come take a look. Please ignore the sounds coming from the basement.

The stop sign and street signs may or may not have been taken on the 4th of July after blowing off endless fireworks, getting absolutely sh*t faced and then deciding at 3am to go take some government property. Merica.


Framed my original Miata gauges after buying revlimiter.net ones, and have one picture frame stuffed full of shots from a solo hill climb/camping adventure (previous photo), and another one filled up with Vance Creek Bridge pics (rip).

Plus wheel shots. As a Japanese car owner I have certain responsibilitites which I intend to uphold

Gear (swag) from Mazda’s ND touring event where they let me hoon a new Miata at Pacific Raceways in the pouring rain, with in car audio/video showing my terrified drive instructor. I accidentally took the key when I left, which I still feel bad about but... Well... I’m not sending it back. It’s a part of the collection now dammit!


Finally, a Brown Scott Perfecto leather jacket that I outgrew (lifting weights ain’t all fun and games kids) but spent way too much to get rid of so it kinda became the centerpiece. I’m hoping to get a girl into riding, and one day gift it to her or something..... A man can dream.


Thanks for stopping by! And again, I’m sorry about the basement

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