The last time I went to register a car was 5 years ago and the process was a massive pain in the bum. You had to get to get to the DMV/DVLA equivalent as early as possible, take a queue number, fill out the registration forms, get a blank money transfer slip, fill it out, get to a post office/bank, transfer the money, go back to the DMV/DVLA equivalent around the time mentioned on your number slip, wait, submit all the documents and the car's old plates, wait more, get new plates and your temporary proof of registration. It was pretty fucking awful.

I was really dreading having to go and register the shoebox, but to my amezement the whole thing has been massively simplified. I arrived at the DMV around 1 PM half expecting to not be able to register the car that day. I go in, claim a number slip from the machine and get round to filling out the one page registration form. After I finished that it was maybe a 2 minute wait until my number gets called. I go in, submit my papers and the old plates, pay the registration fee with my debit card and that's about it. The whole process took less than 20 minutes from the moment I walked into the building and I even got to choose the numberplate out of the ones they had unpacked (got BI0022T). The lady behind the counter was also nothing but extremely nice.

What a nice surprise that was. 10/10 would register a car again.