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I Rented A Boostang Convertible And Drove It Up A Mountain

It cemented a lot of preconceived notions in my mind, but changed my mind about a couple things.

I had the chance to get out of town with my wife, but without kids for a day this weekend, which never happens. Ever.


So, in a moment of impulse, I decided I needed to rent a convertible to drive for the day. Being in podunk Vermont, I had 0 choices at mainstream rental agencies. 0. No convertibles. Ridiculous.

So instead, I turned to something I only know about becasue of Oppo, Turo. I found a convertible (amazing, since there were only 7 cars available locally) and tried to book it ASAP. After a little monkeying around with the options on Turo, I logged the request, which was eventually accepted (it was a little rocky, as the person with the car had not rented it out before).

So I did exactly what you do with a rented car, I drove it up the side of a mountain. I drove it through Smuggler’s notch, then up the Stowe toll road, which provided some great scenery from Mt. Mansfield.

I couldn’t manage to drive up this last part. When will Ford offer the 4x4 package?

Beyond that, it was mostly very normal driving, save for a few weird roads which looked too tempting to ignore.

Look at those strakes. Line em up and run em down!

Overall, I was surprised by the ease of Turo, but I’m sure a big part of it was renting from a very flexible owner. It was generally painless and easy. Having a convertible to tool around in was fantastic, and it really helped to make the very limited time away a blast.

I was in not really surprised by the Mustang. It was what I expected based on my previous understanding of Mustangs (the only other Mustang I’ve driven was a foxbody) but even more extreme.


I know there are multiple Mustang owners on Oppo, so if you are one, and you’d like to, turn back now.

. . . . .

It’s a truck in a sportscar wrapper. I was kind of amazed. This example is a 2015 ecoboost manual with less than 9000 miles on it.

  • The hood is huge. I couldn’t see anything in front of it. At one point, I jokingly put the power (well, half power, see next point) seat all the way up and looked over the top of the windshield just to see if it helped. It didn’t.
  • What’s with the half power seats? The bottom half is electric, but the seat angle is a lever. That’s the first time I’ve come across that mix.
  • No wonder so many owners are running down pedestrians at C&C. It’s got two gun sights right down the hood! Why!?! They’re very large and distracting.
  • The turbo whistle. It’s always there, and louder than expected. It sounded closer to a turbo diesel pickup than a WRX or FoST. For a while I set the info screen to vacuum/boost because I couldn’t believe I was spooling the turbo up to full blast all the time. And I wasn’t. Even when it was only just getting past atmosphere, it whistled like a schmuck in a hard hat.
  • That clutch has trucker levels of travel. The shifter has a nice short travel, which makes the clutch even weirder. When I was done and got back in the FR-S, I almost put my foot through the floor pan.
  • 310 HP. Really? The googles said the peak is at about 5500 RPM. I stuck my foot in it multiple times waiting for the thrust. It never amazed me. I feel more grunt from the wife’s A4, which has significantly less HP. It also weighs less than the Boostang, which may help.
  • When darkness fell and we parked at a restaurant, my wife witnessed the puddle lights as she stepped out. Her eyes nearly rolled out of her head. SEMA called to say your Mustang is ricey.

It still managed to cement in my mind that I need to get a convertible. Just not this convertible. I need to find an E46 drop top in good condition. Somehow.

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