Having some work done on the car, I decided to wing it for transportation after the drop off. It turns out there’s a small used car lot next to the shop that rents, so I went over and checked them out. Got this sweet Scion TC and didn’t have to take an Uber over to Enterprise for some boring corporate contraption.

This sweet baby has

  • automatic transmission
  • lightly crashed front with some gentle scuffing on the fenders
  • a rattle at low rpm that almost tracks with engine rpm
  • mismatched tires
  • illuminated TPS light
  • chrome-looking aftermarket wiper blades
  • enough moonroof to grow crops under

I am not bored. Today is a good day.

UPDATE: Sad news, lots of status lights and loss of power this morning during my morning commute. Looks like maybe a dead battery, and possibly the noise was the alternator trying to tell the world it was done being kicked around. The guy came and picked me up, and now I’m driving a Kia Rio. It seems very serviceable, and it’s boring. It’s auto does have a select-a-gear mode though, which was fun for a minute - then I discovered how very loud and droney the engine is when you ask it to do more than creep along in rush hour. Oh well, maybe I’ll get my car back today.


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