Master cylinder finally replaced. Took us 5 hours, admittedly. Luckily there is an electric furnace hanging above. Even in an uninsulated garage, it’s very nice.

I was going to do a more involved write up, but you know: you loosen these things, take off those things, clean up the mess, brush off the crap, prime the new thing, bolt on the new thing, reattach the other things, bleed all the lines, top off, bleed, top off, bleed, and drive and hope the brakes work.

They do. 🙂

Not pictured: about 20 other tools I needed
Notice where all the brake fluid had been leaking through...
Leaking point confirmed on old part.
New cylinder on, reused the OEM cap.

Still, I think I’ve not replaced more than $350 worth of parts since I bought this thing six years ago... Not bad for a 40-year old pickup.


2020 is the year of the properly maintained fleet!

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