I went over to a friends how to show him my xt200, we went for a ride together, but he suggested we ride each other’s bikes. He has a old Suzuki GS1000, this bike, but with a king and queen seat, and a big ole windjammer front fairing.

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When we got to the first stop sign, After leaving his house, he said “man this is weird”. Which is exactly what I was thinking.

I realize that this still is a mid sized bike, it initially it felt HUUGE. I was pulling out onto a 4 lane high way and accidentally went into the far lane. My little enduro is just so much easier to throw around, which lets be honest is why I bought it.


I did have lots of fun once I got used to it. It leaned pretty good in corners too. I kinda want a big bike like this now.

This maybe me the beginning of me being more of a bike guy than a car guy. I can totally see myself having 2 or 3 bikes in the garage in a few years. I’m thinking a Yamaha Bolt, or Sportster 883 would be a good next addition. Altho I did like how smooth this inline 4 on this Suzuki was, and quiet too. I could actually hear my buddy on the XT behind me. 

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