I rode a Ducati Monster 1200S this weekend

To summarize the experience:


There was also an 899 and 1299 available, but I declined riding either of those. Not that I didn’t want to, but rather that I didn’t want to deal with the effects of going back to my crappy track bike afterwards. The experience would be similar to spending a few sweaty hours with Claudia Romani before heading home to Mama June.

Some bullet points...


  • It looks amazing
  • Lots of usable power
  • Comfy seat
  • Good suspension
  • Smooth controls


  • I don’t have one
  • Expensive ($16k)
  • Needs a Termi exhaust ($2,700)


It’s the perfect street bike. Plenty of power, with a controlled ride and nice sporty handling. It would work equally well for commuting, motoring by trendy urban spots to be the cool guy on the sweet motorcycle, or just escaping for a weekend to go ride around aimlessly in a place with no cell phone coverage. It doesn’t make you want to be the fastest person out there, but it wants you to push it just enough to be exciting.

Also, I want one.

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