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I Saved The World...

Me, my Tundra Fire Extinguisher, and The Stig
Me, my Tundra Fire Extinguisher, and The Stig
Photo: My Goofy Face

Well, not really. But I did save my apartment.

I was doing school work in my room while my roommate and his girlfriend were cooking something (I don’t know what, but it got burned). I’m interrupted by a girlish scream followed by, and I quote “oh f-ck f-ck f-ck f-ck f-ck.”


I pop out of the room and see one of our burners is on fire. (Funny story, the burner currently ablaze is nicknamed “The Nuclear Burner” simply because it heats up incredibly faster than the other three. The working theory is it sucks all the power from the other burners, which could make sense, it’s and electric burner). Now, I’m not all that much of a prepper, but I did happen to have this little hairspray can fire extinguisher. I didn’t read the label before shooting it at the flame, so if this didn’t work for grease or electrical fires (it could’ve been either or) we were pretty hosed.

Needless to say it worked. The kitchen was saved just before the fire spread to the counter. I am the hero of the household.


Moral of the story: have a little fire extinguisher on hand in case your roommates light something on fire... or just because it’s safe.

(The exact name is a First Alert Tundra Spray Tool. It’s really handy and works for grease, electrical, and cloth/garbage fires. 10/10 would burn and extinguish something again).

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