I’m hoping you all might be able to figure this one out. I mean if anywhere on the Internet can do it, it’s here.

So, it passed me on Friday in the oncoming lane, didn’t have a chance to see a badge or any sort of identification. It was a low, open two-seater. May or may not have had a windshield. It probably did, but a small one. It was roughly the width of an NB Miata, and a little longer. It looked pretty new, condition and design wise. I’m guessing some kind of kit car, but I really don’t know. I don’t know how to describe it other than a modern interpretation of a DBR1

It had those proportions, with bulging fenders and a generally being quite low. It also had a stripe all the way down it, I think green, and the car was silver.


It was almost like a CC100 with slightly more pronounced fenders, and no open spot on the side.


For some reason I also feel like it was similar to a Lotus 2 Eleven. I'm not sure why, but these three cars are what I've been able to pull together from googling speedster style cars that at least have elements of the car I saw. So yeah, any ideas? I'm just hoping I see it again, since it was in my neighbourhood, weirdly enough.