I was reading Turbineguy's post about how he got Challenger 392 for a week, and suddenly remembered a time 2 years ago.

Imagine a time long ago, about 1 month before these showed in magazines. We're on vacation in California, and being the family my family is, life basically based around cars, (not really, but you get my point) we decided to road trip to Laguna Seca and see the fabulous corkscrew (video games don't do that turn justice), and Infineon raceway. We go touring around the outside of both tracks, (it wasn't raceday at either) and see an open garage illuminated while the sun is falling. We go down to take a look and see about 2-4 brand new Viper ACR's (I think, I don't remember well), but the one we really looked at was the sporty looking Challengers. Well, were told by about 10 people to take only a few pictures and not to post them ANYWHERE! So we checked it out and thought "Wow, these will be cool". So, about a month later the same colored 392's show up in magazines and we all sit there at the dinner table going "Wow, We saw these before anyone else!"

Than I Google Imaged Challenger 392 and the third picture was my cover picture, which is at Infineon.