There are a few traffic circles by my house, and it is usually pretty entertaining to watch people become completely bewildered by the sight of it. The other a deer tried to make their way through it.

There is an odd phenomenon that occurs at traffic circles in California: people come to a full and complete stop as opposed to STOP Signs which people just roll right through. Why? I have no idea.

It almost always pretty damn entertaining to see people lose their shit in a traffic circle and just sit there. And god forbid more than two people arrive at once. WHAT WILL WE DO?!?!

It may be hard to see in the video, but the deer stopped in the traffic circle before I even got close, and she was staring at me the whole time as I tried to make my way through. Normally people stop as I get much closer and appear to not be slowing (because I’m not because it’s not a fucking stop sign), which also doesn’t make sense because if you think I’m going to hit you maybe you should make it a point to move faster and get out of the way.

And then there was a total gem yesterday of this complete idiot STOPPING traffic so she could move over into the slowest lane* which is usually referred to as the fast lane. I wish I had cameras in my side windows because it’s hilarious to see people get so pissed when I don’t let them cut me off, and this woman got PISSED, and I started laughing my ass off, and I know she saw.


You can see in the second half of the video that after trying to hit me she almost hits someone else as she tries to change lanes without looking. I started laughing again when I see she is focussed on getting into “the fast lane” that she is holding up traffic since the number two lane is actually moving.


*During my extensive scientific testing I have found that the number two lane is actually faster than the “fast lane” during the commute home. I do prefer the number one lane since I only have to pay attention to one lane of people trying to cut me off, as opposed to having to watch two lanes.