I saw a Mahindra today

You know when you a see a modern car on the road and you have absolutely no idea what it is?

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I love that moment. Most modern cars I can easily identify, I’m sure most on Oppo could too. We all struggle with older cars to some degree, some more or less than others, for some eras more than others. But new cars aren’t that hard. Most new cars on the market we know about ahead of time, and are swarming with resemblances to existing cars. So when you see one you really don’t know it’s always a shock and a delight.

Last time it happened to me it was the JC Cosmo a few years ago. It was relatively modern and mass-market, but I couldn’t even pick the manufacturer at a time. I was flabbergasted. Well, today it happened again.


Today I saw this pig. I picked it pretty well: it looks Chinese/Indian (read: it looks like a 10-year old Kia), and when I saw the Mahindra badge from a distance I guessed correctly at what it might say. It’s called a PIK-UP, which is a worse name than Le Car.

I feel like these cars are scams. People like new cars but can’t afford new cars, so instead of a solid but lightly used Hilux the Chinese convince them to buy a shoddy look-alike that will last half as long if you’re lucky. And the depreciation is real.

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