Truck Nostalgia

I saw a Silverado done up as a Cheyenne on the highway yesterday. It looked like one of these orange/white ones:

At first glance, it was intriguing, but it wore off pretty fast. It was really just that it didn’t look exactly the same as everything else on the road.


I realized that I do have a certain amount of nostalgia for trucks from the time when the Cheyenne and its various C/K siblings were made. But it has nothing to do with two-tone paint or “big 10" / “heavy half” decals. It’s the squared-off utilitarian style. It’s the bed, cab, and hood proportions looking right to my eye. It’s a bench seat and relatively plain interior, which you don’t feel weird about tracking mud in to. It’s simple controls you can operate without taking off your gloves on a bitterly cold winter morning instead of tiny knobs and dials on stalks. Oh yeah, and it’s also a price tag that isn’t in the same range as premium-line German cars.

(Edited to add a title, because I am dumb and hung over.)

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