I saw a thing this weekend. I don't really know how to describe it. I arrived at an intersection behind a typically beige car. In the middle of the trunk was your typical manufacturers emblem. In this case it was the rather distinct logo of a Hyundai. Here's where this thing gets weird.

Then my attention was drawn to the left side of the vehicle where the word Sonata was in purple script affixed by what looked like something more professional than a dealer advertisement, but less professional than a manufacturers logo. Then my eye was drawn to the right side of the trunk where the word "hybrid" was in the same purple script.

Wait a minute, Hyundai makes a Sonata hybrid? My wife did some googlefu as we drove and was not able to verify the existence of such a creature. I have since done a little digging and it appears to be a real thing, but the branding on the car was so strange it made me question the reality of such a vehicle. Hipsters and their strange ways.