I Saw a Thing

Spotted at a local shop.

A Thing, and a couple of other things...

The red 50th anniversary Corvette looked nice, but WHAT in the world is THAT?

This is the CT&T eZone, an electric kei car from South Korea.

Comes with convenient carry handles! (The car weighs less than 1200 lbs.)
The steering wheel is tiny, but the color is rad! (Airbags were, believe it or not, optional.)
Note the D / R gear selector
Key tag reads “Smart Car”. It does not read “I KNOW WHAT I HAVE”. I, on the other hand, DO know what I have: a potato for a camera.

And now for something completely different. After driving by this thing a few times, it was time to stop by real quick for a closer look:

Just chillin’ there with open windows and flat tires.

But this wasn’t just some Red Green hack job. Just look at the paint! Somebody actually put some care into this. And that somebody is...

“Alternative Automotive Technologies” More info about AAT here: http://www.macsmotorcitygarage.com/2013/08/28/shop-tour-alternative-automotive-technologies/

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