EDIT: hint, both towns are in Massachusetts

EDIT 2: wee have a winner : gogmorgo - rowing gears in a Grand Cherokee got it with Plymouth Cambridge. (WilliamsSV got it was well but too slo bro)

I saw this vehicle while driving over this bridge. The thing about the thing that surprised me was the Make/Model. The make and model are also both towns/cities. What was it?

The bridge is not a hint and it more or less unrelated except for it being the location of where I was it.


I just picked up my 4th side job, all of which Iā€™m just begining.

familyroom addition to a cape

renderings for a colonial style mixed use building to be used for a historical comissionr eview


extending a garage so a guy can fit his plow truck

adding a second floor ot a ranch.

of course everyone wants their stuff right moew