I saw an Evo 6 from the tram. I’ve been drinking. Here are my reflections.

Our company paid for drinks but they don’t understand our plight. I explained to my friend who isn’t into cars that the last ute that the world will see has been and gone. The last large scale rotary was built years ago. The future is ice engines pretending to be electric motors until. They take over. The reliance we get from fossil fuel and the pleasure of it all is limited and won’t exceed our life spans. Which is fine just let me power my mr2 with dinosaur fuel a few more years.


Maybe the whole point of the ice is to impose superficial constraints on power delivery so that we appreciate turbos and a linear curve more than we might. All I know is I like linear power and I like a turbo lag too and I wanna die without ever known electricity based full torque from - 500rpm

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