I saw an S14 today

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I know to some it's no big deal but today on 290 and Hwy 6 i saw a white S14 silva with right hand drive! It looked just like the one in the pictures. Did i take pictures of it? Of course but i don't know what the rules are for posting pictures of people's cars without their consent.


It had a big ole exhaust, gold wheels and i'll guess Volk TE37, stanced, army stickers all over the back and a huge teal or blue colored roll cage. I happened to speak to the owner but couldn't get anything meaningful out of him. What i wanna know is how do you get a car like that registered here legally. I mean it's right hand drive first of all, secondly i don't think it's passed the 25 year import rule yet……maybe i'm wrong and i don't think it had diplomatic plates so how in the hell is that possible. I really hope the owner is a fellow jalop because we could use some explaining.

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