They had an Xbox display set up with playable versions of the game going at Sonoma this weekend for Indy Car. I’m not the type to wait in a line to play a video game in a glorified parking lot however I did swing by to watch the screens while others were playing.

My first thought: wow these people playing have absolutely no idea how to drive around av race track. However, no matter how bad the people were at the game, it still looked fantastic. Like, really fantastic. Not just the crisp imagery we’re used to, but the effects that are added into it. For example with a chase camera the information that is statically displayed on Forza 6, say speed, rather than sitting in one place kind of moves around as you go around turns. It’s very immersive. It’s almost like you’re watching the action on a head mounted GoPro or something. It looks top notch. I can’t wait.