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I saw my third XSE hatch in the wild last night.

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In this color. Don’t care what they say, I like how these look. Running lights at night looked awesome, too. I gotta drive one someday. But how would it compare to the Paseo Wagon™?


No, I don’t have the money or the budget. But I am badly rooting for Toyota to succeed. I am curious to see if it can beat out an Altezza designed around the turn of the century in at least some aspects.

Alleged positives:

- it has 50 less HP, but is over 400 lbs lighter

- it gets 10-18 miles per gallon MORE. A modern 4-banger vs a thirsty 2JZ? youdontsay.png


- 17 years newer... Not necessarily a plus, but there certainly are perks. It’ll have all the tech, but will it have the interior build quality of yester-year?

Obvious drawbacks:

- would cost over three times as much... I very much doubt it’s three times the car.


- FWD (don’t @ me. I’ve owned *SEVEN* FWD cars. The RWD on the Sportcross just happens to be enjoyable)

- Cargo capacity apparently is terrible! Even with the seats down. I have so see this in person because it says ~18 cu ft with the seats up vs 23.3 with the seats down?! So either the seats don’t fold totally flat or the numbers are totally wrong.


- the Sportcross still will probably be worth more in five years... Not the Corolla’s fault. There are just so few Sportlies left in the US.

Somehow this turned into a “gee I really like my car” post, didn’t it 🤔

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