Went to the junkyard for a thingamajig. Almost put my hand on this pile of bugs and probably not just dirt.

Then I saw this, the newest car I’ve seen at Pull-A-Part so far. (2009)

There was also a Miata and a badass Tercel. I’m signed up to receive an alert when they get a Miata, and this is the second time they got one without telling me... Luckily, I don’t need to know anymore as I already got some daisies, but still.

Oh, and those bugs? Only the second-most disgusting thing I saw today. This is a Chrysler Pacifica with so much mold in it that I probably got all of the diseases just to take this picture. You’re welcome.


Also came across this car that must have belonged to a dedicated entrepreneur.


And this one that must have belonged to an idiot who must have assumed his car was always making that grinding noise and pulling to the left and leaning at an awkward angle, so there’s no reason to stop now when I’m only ten miles from home.

And this trio of Jettas with progressive amounts of damage in the same spot. Really neat.