I’m pretty sure that’s the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk in the wild. I only got a brief look at it, but here’s what I noticed.

This artist rendering below from Car and Driver is fairly accurate. I remember there being Hellcat badges in the same location on the side, but I didn’t think the front looked as aggressive, but still more aggressive than the regular Grand Cherokee SRT. “SRT” was lit up with red lighting off center on the front of the car where I put the white circle. Those were the two biggest differences I noticed between the regular SRT and what I saw.


When I first saw it, before I saw the Hellcat badge and the dealer plates, I thought it was a regular SRT, but with some tacky mods. It didn’t look exactly like the SRT, it looked slightly meaner, but it was clearly the same car.

I’ll be sure to let you know if I see it again.

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