I saw an open parking space next this white xj and couldn’t resist the opportunity. I’m not sure what compels us car people to park next to vehicles exactly like ours, we see them everyday, but I couldn’t let the urge go.

This XJ (2000 or 2001) was definitely a haggard, seen-some-shit 20 footer, but based on the lift and those sweet jk five spokes as well as some stickers, I’m sure it is loved. The dings, scratches, and dents all tell a story anyway, a pretty long one considering its nearing its 20th birthday.


I often envy banged up old jeeps, a scratch or chip on mine sends me into a panic, but the dirt and grime on this xj only adds to the look. It just works.

Just wanted to share that, I hope you all had great holidays.

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