Well, the day is off to a great start. I was sitting at a light, waiting to make a left hand turn. Behind me was a woman in an SUV with a huge disabled parking pass hanging from her window and a bunch of other random cars behind her. As the light turns green I take off and make the turn, but just as I cross the intersection I look in my mirror and see she hasn't moved. She is just sitting there looking at her lap or phone or [insert other stupid non-driving related item]. The car immediately behind (an Avenger) gives her a honk. No reaction. Then another. Eventually I see them all round the bend behind me. It looks like they finally woke her and she at least let a couple people make the light, but most get stuck waiting for another round. That's the end right? Nope.

As the same cluster of cars came to a stop beside and behind me at the next light I hear someone just laying on their horn. I look back and it's the handicapped lady just sitting there holding her horn down and yelling at the car that had honked their horn at her. The people in the Avenger are just ignoring her as best they can and looking forward as she is now behind them. She then decides to rev her engine and lurch toward them while continuing to blare the horn. After about the 45 second mark of straight horn blaring I roll down my window to yell at her just as nearly everyone else at the intersection does the same. She stops blaring her horn long enough to yell some random gibberish, then returns to blowing her horn. At this point she is no longer having an issue with just the Avenger, but most of the traffic on the road. People in the other cars are getting pissed, she's yelling and flipping everyone off. As the light goes green she get's back on blaring her horn and tailgating the person in front of her. Fortunately, I was making a turn anyway and got the hell out of there before I lost it. The idiot disabled lady and the rest of the cars continued off into the distance with her still blaring her horn and aggressively tailgating/swerving around.

So, by 7 am I had already hit my fill of stupid for the day. How's everyone else's morning going?