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I See What You Did, Honda (Thank You Ohio)

The NSX is being released with carbon ceramic brakes and the Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tires only, hence why the price is closer to $170k without any options. However, the iron rotors will likely be the set up with the Continental ContiSportContact 5p tires on it for $156k (before $1800 destination). Keep this in mind over the next few months. Journalists drove the “Accord” version which is unavailable now due to bad reviews. The NSX you’ll see at car shows and in media reviews will have the setup that was better received and will show better in comparison tests. NOT the one Honda intended to sell.

I also doubt you’ll see many without the interwoven wheels. I’m betting the Y-spokes (the top picture has them fitted) were the wheels designed with the Contis in mind, but not offering the Y-spoke design would have made the NSX $170k to start.

I’m on to you Honda, nice try! Also, I didn’t realize the amount of influence the US has over this model. I know it was designed by the Ohio team, but damn, I can’t imagine what a failure this would have been if it wasn’t for the OH gang requesting more power and rebuilding the entire car and pushing it up market. Did you know that the NSX was supposed to use the transverse V6? That means we were going to get the RLX Sport Hybrid set up and power figures in an $90,000 car back in 2011 or 2012. Aren’t you glad they bumped it up instead of giving us a 400hp, over 3500lbs mid-engine car without any mechanical steering or braking feel? Can you imagine that car being in the same price range as the Z06, Viper, 911 Carrera, Cayman GT4, F-Type R, AMG GT, GTR, and every performance sedan and SUV on the market? When was the last time anyone called the R8 V8 a budget supercar? Basically a direct competitor to the BMW i8 without the futurism or brand cachet. Yeah...

I think we all need to thank the Ohio team for saving this car. It could have come out as completely irrelevant in everyway (have you looked at RLX sales?) or been completely scrapped for the US. All things I consider to be far, far worse.


Sincerely from Wobbles,

Thank you American Honda!

*For those that didn’t know, American Honda has an R&D Center, engine plant, transmission plant, and a couple of assembly plants (I believe) in Ohio which is where the NSX is being built.

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