My precious! (But I got this from the internet, because mine is dirty as all hell right now)

How do I care for a turbo car over short distances?

First, Oppo, allow me to tell you a story -

Hitherto, my Audi A4 B6 has lived a beautiful life. Flying through its six-speed on country backroads, 1.8T engine treated gently most days driving places and utterly flogged when I feel bored and just want to stretch its legs. Exactly the kind of life that a German sport sedan was designed for.

Each trip was between twenty minutes and an hour, giving it more than enough time to heat and cool. It was driven every day, and very well-maintained. It was always happy as could be, out on the twisties.

(Of course, my wallet wasn’t, because this car uses an unholy amount of fuel for a 1.8-litre engine, but that’s a separate matter entirely.)


However, as of late, it has been caged. I’ve gone to university, and live on-campus. This means that it spends fairly long stretches of time (usually up to a week) without being touched. And, worse, its drives are usually very short - only a couple of minutes at under 40km/h (25mph), driving from one side of campus to the other.

(For those wondering why I’d bother driving it for only a mile or so at a time, it’s because I have a pretty serious ongoing knee injury and walking all the way across campus to class often hurts like hell.)


So, what must I do to take care of my precious? Driving a turbo car over very short distances is generally bad for it, and to my knowledge, can coke the turbo, causing a lot of damage.

I’ve heard that occasionally stretching its legs by giving it a short period of driving very hard (e.g. flogging it up a mountain road - there are a few of those not too far from my university) can help ‘clean out’ the turbo by spinning it up to redline, but I might be wrong.


How do I care for my precious baby? Help me, Oppo, you’re my only hope!