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I seem to have "goofed"

Got a ticket in the mail today. 56... in a 35. Yeah, I’m an idiot. It was at night in a part of town where nobody walks and there was no other traffic, but that’s no excuse.

However, this is Ohio. In the past few years, it was found that traffic cameras were unconstitutional- as a result, it was made necessary that an police officer man the automated camera so someone was there. Eventually, a law or amendment was passed allowing traffic cameras. My city’s revised code has the following, from Dayton, Ohio’s Revised Code and General Ordinances, Section 70.121:

(G) Civil Penalties.

(1) A civil penalty under this section shall not exceed $250.00 per violation. Persons who choose to pay the civil penalty without appearing before a Hearing Officer may do so in the manner indicated on the Notice of Liability.

(2) A violation for which a civil penalty is imposed under this section is not a moving violation for the purpose of assessing points under R.C. § 4510.036(C)(13) for minor misdemeanor moving traffic offenses. A violation under this section shall not be recorded on the driving record of the owner or operator of the vehicle and shall not be reported to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

(3) If within 30 Days of the issue date listed on the Notice of Liability, the owner, or designated party, fails to resolve the Notice of Liability in accordance with subsection (E), a $25.00 late fee will be assessed in addition to the original civil penalty.

(H) Collection of Civil Penalty. If the civil penalty is not paid, the civil penalty imposed under the provisions of this section shall be collectible, together with any interest and penalties thereon, by civil suit.


From my reading (with my lawyer mom, who, per a previous post, bought an Elantra GT today, meeting none of her needs?), it seems that it is the case that if I do not pay withing 30 days, the ticket will increase from $85 to $110. However, the city will not report the ticket to the BMV or my insurance, which would result in difficulties re-registering my car or an increase in my insurance rate; there are also no points against my license as a result. Additionally, the only way for the city to collect if I don’t pay is through a suit. Any lawyer Oppos care to comment on my interpretation?

So... I’m just not gonna pay and see what happens. Latest vehicular obsession for your time.

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